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Newsletter | Nyhetsbrev 18

EN: New edition of the newsletter is out today. SW: Nytt utskick av nyhetsbrevet idag. Innehåll | Content BAS 2019 News | Nyheter New Lectures | Nya föreläsningar GDPR In Practice | GDPR i praktiken Anti Money Laundering | Regler mot penningtvätt January YouTube Economy News | Ekonominyheter Wolters Kluwer Company Adapted Lectures | Företagsanpassade
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Leases | Finansiell leasing i K3 och IFRS

EN: I’ve prepared a new webinar on Financial Leases in the Consolidated Accounts for Accountor Training Sweden. The webinar covers the Swedish standard for larger entities K3 as well as the international standard IFRS 16 Leases. The webinar is broadcasted live and free for registered participants on February 26, 2019. As usual it’s also recorded
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January YouTube Economy News | Ekonominyheter

EN: The January edition of Economy News is out on YouTube! I produce these videos for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, with selected news of the month in Swedish for entrepreneurs. The movies are in Swedish, but I can produce similar videos for you in English if you get in touch with me (Contact)! SW: Nu finns ekonominyheter januari på YouTube! Jag
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BAS 2019 News | Nyheter

EN: BAS Chart of Accounts 2019 is soon here, as free downloadable tables and with extensive documentation in books for sale, issued by The BAS Stakeholders Association! This is my personal review of a working tool I highly appreciate. I have no profit from the sale of these products, apart from fees for published articles in Bulletinen.
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Extended Repair Concept | Det utvidgade reparationsbegreppet

EN: When is an expense to be classified as an asset or a cost? And is it possible to get tax deduction for reconstruction, although it’s basicly to be seen as increasing the value of the asset? Yes, some reconstruction measures might be deducted regardless of how they were classified in the accounting. That’s the
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Accountor Training Taxation Day | Skattedagen 2018

EN: The Taxation Day with Accountor Training is a new concept. In one day they broadcasted six webinars in Swedish with different lecturers on differens topics – Taxation Day 2018. I was invited to be one of the lecturers and I happily accepted. The webinars were broadcasted live on November 21, 2018 but as usual
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Corporate Tax and Chart of Accounts | Nya skatteregler för företag – Kontoplanen

EN: The limitations of interest deductions in the new corporate tax regulations affects the Swedish chart of accounts and how to maintain your accounting throughout the year. That’s the topic for a new webinar in Swedish I’ve prepared for Accountor Training Sweden. SW: Begränsningarna av ränteavdrag i de nya skattereglerna för företag påverkar kontoplanen och
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Axet Staff Lecture | Personalutbildning

EN: 74 participants from 13 accounting bureaus gathered for 3 days of lectures and seminars. I had the pleasure to lecture for 1 of these days, November 19, 2018. My topics were New Swedish Standard for Annual Accounts and New Corporate Taxation, half a day each. Wolters Kluwer had asked me to take care of this company adapted
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JWK Staff Lecture | Personalutbildning

EN: The accounting bureau JWK gathered the staff from their offices for a full day of training in GDPR in Practice and Anti Money Laundry Regulations in Södertälje, Sweden. Wolters Kluwer asked me to take care of this company adapted lecture. I gladly accepted and on November 15, 2018 i met 25 persons from JWK. Actually this
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Anti Money Laundering | Regler mot penningtvätt

EN: This new lecture on Regulations on Anti Money Laundering provides you with with knowledge about the existing as well as the upcoming regulations. I deliver lectures on the topic In my own management, but also for Accountor Training Sweden (2017) and Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia (2018/2019). SW: Denna nya utbildning om Regler mot penningtvätt ger dig kunskaper om både nuvarande och kommande
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