Peter Berg

Peter Berg

I’m Peter Berg, accounting expert and authorized accounting consultant. This is my blog on accounting and life, about the double journeys I’m on since 2015 professionally and geographically.

Professional journey

After 30 years with the company I established 1984 ( I’m on my own again, now focusing on the parts of my work that I love the best: writing and lecturing. It was made possible with great help from my former partners.

This is one of my journeys, the professional one.

Geographical journey

I’ve also entered another phase of life, relocating from Sweden to Thailand. I’ve been travelling to Thailand since 1987 and learned a lot about the country and region’s people, culture, geography, history and everyday news.  I have a great respect for the cultural differences, but I now feel encouraged to take the great leap.

This is the other of my journeys, the geographical one.


My professional skills are related to the world of economics – accounting, taxation and corporate matters. Some special topics have evolved as my personal passions.


My main professional interest is about creating easily understood and easily applicable regulations for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME).

SME is an often forgotten category. Regulations are usually created for large enterprises and at the end, as best, exemptions for SME are thrown in the package. This makes regulations hard to understand, compared with building bottoms up: Begin with basic regulations for the huge number of enterprises, then add on what’s needed for the large ones!


Appropriate regulations for SME is not only a national matter, it also goes regional and global. So it’s only natural to add on my passion for SME with passion for harmonization.

Trade and industry is developed from SME. Most of the well known large enterprises once began as small ones. And hey, even SME make (or would like to make) cross border business. The economic development of business and employment in a country or a region is driven by SME by their sheer number, rather than by large enterprises.

Regional economic communities such as in the ASEAN and the EU makes, or should make, the step smaller to establish in another country. A basic need for this is, however, harmonization of regulations. Large enterprises have resources to hire professional help when establishing on a new market, SME doesn’t.

Bringing Passions to Practice

Now I’m living in the ASEAN and performing in the EU. A work method have evolved, almost by itself, namely Bringing Theory to Practice which now makes the parts come conveniently together.

Let’s see what the future brings on 🙂

Bangkok August 6, 2559 / 2016
Peter Berg
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