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Month: January 2016

What Happened Next – Amortization Requirements

In my book “Performance and income planning” I touched the probability of amortization requirement by legislation in Sweden. It’s well on it’s way now, with a proposition planned for the parliament on February 9, 2016. The legislation is to be effective from May 1, 2016 (which by the way is a public holiday in Sweden).
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Proud Member of Swedish Publicist Club (Publicistklubben)

A life-long dream has been fulfilled, since I got my first book published 2015 and also since I now got accepted as member of the Swedish Publicist Club 🙂 I’ve been fascinated by printed media, as books and newspapers, since before I could read (and I learned to read at age five, my parents didn’t know
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International Mobile Operator Telenor’s Most Lucrative Market is… Thailand

Telenor Mobile Market and Accounting Mobile market in ASEAN is developing fast, and with the big populations of the member states there’s always a question of huge numbers. And what’s that got to do with accounting? We’ve already seen for some years a shift of focus in western countries such as Sweden, from computers to
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Updating Swedish K-standards

EN summary: Extensive changes has taken effect to the Swedish Annual Accounts Act as of January 1, 2016. Now there’s a heavy workload on the governmental standard setting body, The Swedish Accounting Standards Board (Bokföringsnämnden, BFN), to update the K-standards for enterprises of different categories. A description in Swedish follows. SW: Omfattande förändringar har trätt i
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Thailand Promotes Single Financial Statements Practice

It’s common for small businesses in Thailand to prepare two financial statements, one real and one “understated” for taxation. Now the Thailand Ministry of Finance wants to enlarge the tax base and a measure to do so is to end the double financial statement practice. Yesterday January 4, 2016, the ministry stated that small and medium-sized
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The blog goes international

2015, my first year with this blog, has ended. Since I began in August my starting year comprises of only five months, but I already feel more than satisfied with the result. Most of my visitors came via Facebook and LinkedIn and they visited from eleven countries, in alphabetical order Denmark, France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Italy,
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