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Month: July 2018

New Corporate Taxation | Ny utbildning – Nya skatteregler för företag

From January 1, 2019 the new Swedish tax legislation on corporate taxation will come into effect (text in Swedish follows further below). It’s an implementation of limitations of international tax planning, based on an EU directive of the OECD BEPS actions 2 and 4 ratified by the G20. The Swedish implementation does, however, affect all undertakings regardless of
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Transition to Company | Ombildning till aktiebolag

Today I delivered a webinar documentation on how to transfer undertakings from natural persons or partnerships to companies limited by shares (text in Swedish follows further below). I will use it in a Swedish live webinar for Accountor Training on October 29, 2018 targeting advisers for entrepreneurs. The webinar will be recorded for later viewings. In Swedish Idag
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Court Procedures Accounting and Tax | Processföring redovisning och skatt

Structure of the Swedish courts | Typer av domstolar i Sverige (Graph © Peter Berg) Today I finalized a webinar documentation on the court procedures for accounting and taxation matters (text in Swedish follows further below). I will use it in a Swedish webinar for Accountor Training on September 28, 2018 targeting advisers for entrepreneurs. The webinar will
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Årsbokslut (K2/K3) New Lecture | Ny utbildning

It will be mandatory to select a K-standard for the annual accounts from 2018 and onwards (text in Swedish follows further below). Since the mandatory choice between K1 and K2 will be new to all preparers of annual accounts I’ve produced a new in-depth Lecture in Swedish on the matter. The material will be adapted for half-day or
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Kiruna – To Move a City | Att flytta en stad

Mr. Göran Cars told the fascinating story of “Moving Kiruna”, a mega project in the north of Sweden.

YouTube Economy News June | Ekonominyheter juni

EN: Now June edition of Economy News is out on YouTube! This is the fourth edition I produce for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, with selected news of the month in Swedish for advisers and entrepreneurs. YouTube – The Channels  |  Kanalerna RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB Peter Berg SW: Nu finns ekonominyheterna för juni på YouTube! Detta är fjärde
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