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Month: September 2019

Sep YouTube Economy News | Ekonominyheter

EN: The September edition of Economy News (“Ekonominyheter”) is out on YouTube! I produce these videos for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, with selected news of the month in Swedish for entrepreneurs. The movies are in Swedish, but I can produce similar videos for you in English if you get in touch with me (Contact)! SW: Nu finns ekonominyheter september
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3 Free Webinars | 3 fria webbinarier!

EN: Three of my webinars for Accountor Training Sweden autumn 2019 will be sent free (“fria webbinarier”), in cooparation with the software developer Finago! SW: Tre av mina webbinarier för Accountor Training Sverige hösten 2019 kommer att sändas som fria webbinarier, i samarbete med programvaruföretaget Finago! September 19, 2019: Monthly Update | Månadsuppdatering Register here
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