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Month: August 2018

YouTube Two Hot Lectures | Två högaktuella utbildningar

My latest lectures are now presented on YouTube  |  Nu finns mina senaste utbildningar presenterade på YouTube. The videos and lectures are in Swedish  |  Filmerna och föreläsningarna är på svenska. K2 Årsbokslut – Videon berättar på 3 minuter Heltäckande utbildning – Två ingångar till det nya regelverket Från K2 Årsredovisning, för dig som är van vid det
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Correction of Annual Accounts | Rättelse av bokslut

In an accounting discussion group on Facebook a member asked if a simplified annual account can be exchanged with a corrected one, or if the correction has to be done in a following annual account. My answer was that corrections has to be done in the annual accounts for a following year, regardless of applied standard
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YouTube My Handbooks | Mina handböcker

My handbooks are now presented on YouTube  |  Nu finns mina handböcker presenterade på YouTube. The videos and books are in Swedish  |  Filmerna och böckerna är på svenska.   Fastigheter – Videon berättar på 3 minuter Heltäckande Täcker alla vanliga företagsformer Täcker alla K-regler Beskriver de viktigaste regelverken och begreppet fastighet Från köp till försäljning Ett
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Newsletter 15 | Nyhetsbrev 15

New edition of the newsletter is out  |  Nytt utskick av nyhetsbrevet. Content  |  Innehåll New Corporate Taxation | Nya skatteregler för företag – Ny utbildning K2 Årsbokslut New Lecture | Ny utbildning Monthly News x 2 | Månadens Nyheter x 2 New Seminars | Nya seminarier New Webinars | Nya webbinarier To Move an
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15 Regular Mistakes in Accounting | 15 Vanliga misstag i redovisningen

15 regular mistakes in accounting and how to fix them, that was the topic for a special webinar I’ve held for Accountor Training (text in Swedish follows further below). So what was so special about that webinar? Well, for one thing it was free for anyone to watch, not only paying subscribers. For another thing, it was
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Monthly Update May 2018 | Månadsuppdatering maj 2018

Economy news for May was the  subject of the latest news webinar for Accountor Training (text in Swedish follows further below). Content The purpose of the webinar is to give the participants a summary of the latest news about legislation and standards within the corporate economy area, as well as news about the accounting consultancy profession.
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Blog Anniversary 3 Years | Bloggen jubilerar 3 år

EN: Today, three years ago, I posted for the first time on this blog. That very first post from August 2, 2015 was about the finalizing of my book Performance and Income Planning and the post title was Manuscript drop. Since then a lot of things has happened. For the blog, for me and surely for
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