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Month: February 2019

Newsletter | Nyhetsbrev 19

EN: New edition of the newsletter is out today! SW: Nytt utskick av nyhetsbrevet idag! Innehåll | Content K-Standards | K-regler 2019 New Webinars | Nya webbinarier för Accountor Training February YouTube Economy News | Ekonominyheter Wolters Kluwer Company Adapted Lectures | Företagsanpassade utbildningar JWK Staff Lecture | Personalutbildning Axet Staff Lecture | Personalutbildning Accountor Training New
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February YouTube Economy News | Ekonominyheter

EN: The February edition of Economy News is out on YouTube! I produce these videos for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, with selected news of the month in Swedish for entrepreneurs. The movies are in Swedish, but I can produce similar videos for you in English if you get in touch with me (Contact)! SW: Nu finns ekonominyheter januari på YouTube! Jag
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New Webinars | Nya webbinarier hos Accountor Training

EN: Accountor Training Sweden has ordered 10 new webinars from me, which brings the number of webinars for them up to 27 during 2019. SW: Accountor Training Sverige har beställt 10 nya webbinarer av mig. Totalt är jag därmed uppe i 27 webbinarier för dem under 2019. The new webinars are … | De nya
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K-Standards | K-regler 2019

EN: This is an overview of the K-standards for financial reports 2019 for fiscal years starting January 1, 2018 and later. Since the standards are applicable in Sweden the article is also in Swedish. I will also describe this topic in a webinar on March 1, 2019 for Accountor Training Sweden. SW: Här får du
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