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Month: August 2015

Agreement of Assignment / Uppdragsavtal

EN: As a bureau of authorised accounting consultants Redovisningshuset i Södertälje AB ( establishes an Agreement of Assignment with each customer enterprise. I have designed the agreement and included documents, whereof the Terms and Conditions is an important basic legal document. I’ve also designed the workflow of the documents to ensure an effective procedure for the staff. Last week I
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Meeting BFN / Möte med BFN

EN: Today I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Stefan Pärlhem for an extended lunch. He is the Head of Secretariat of The Swedish Accounting Standards Board (Bokföringsnämnden, BFN), a governmental standard setting body. We discussed a number of matters regarding the development of accounting legislation and standard setting, due to the changes of legislation in EU and
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The book cover is finished / Bokomslaget är klart

EN: Today the first proof-sheet reading was completed and so was the cover for my upcoming book “Performance & Income Planning”. The cover will be used for marketing, but it’s also one more symbolic step on the way to final product. It was exciting to see how my text managed in the eyes of the editor but now
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Web Articles / Webb-artiklar

EN: Today I published the last part of six web articles on the web page of It’s a series of guides on basic topics for the customers: Your Guide to Accounting Your Guide to Auditor Your Guide to Stock Companies Your Guide to Rapid Settlement (of Companies) Your Guide to Rating of Companies Your Guide
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Meeting BAS / Möte med BAS

EN: Today I had an as always enjoyable meeting with Mr Sören Karlsson, CEO at BAS-kontogruppen i Stockholm AB (BAS-accountgroup in Stockholm AB), He has since many years been coordinating the production of yearly editions of the BAS Chart of Accounts, an impressive performance at high skill level! The BAS Chart of Accounts is a de facto
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Thanks for the response / Tack för gensvaret

EN: The first week with this blog is coming to its end. Thanks to all of you who’s been giving me support via Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels. I’m still childishly happy about the easy communication thanks to the internet – already after the first two days the blog had been read in Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Thailand and
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…and so is the author / …och även författaren

EN: In my recent post I wrote about my publishers information about the upcoming book, but there’s more! The webpage of Norstedts Juridik is read by a huge number of unique visitors each month. The company is Sweden’s leading publisher of legal information and they are associated with leading legal experts as authors. I’m therefore very proud of being
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The book is official / Nu är boken officiell

EN: My publisher Norstedts Juridik (“Norstedts Legal”) have published a description of my upcoming book on their webpage. The cover is yet to be made and it’s a preliminary price, but it’s there! Here is the book presentation and here’s a translation. A handbook on profit and revenue planning, which includes practical guidance for: Predicting
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Manuscript drop / Manuslämning

EN: Today is a great day. I finally sent the manuscript I’ve been working on for the last months to my publisher, Norstedts Juridik. And the final day isn’t until tomorrow! It’s a book about planning the economy for smaller, owner managed enterprises as well as for the owners privately. The content is practically oriented, with
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