EN: My publisher Norstedts Juridik (“Norstedts Legal”) have published a description of my upcoming book on their webpage. The cover is yet to be made and it’s a preliminary price, but it’s there! Here is the book presentation and here’s a translation.

A handbook on profit and revenue planning, which includes practical guidance for:

  • Predicting future financial statements, prior to the closing date
  • Taking measures or decide not to take them – actively
  • Differences between business forms and in different phases of the life cycle – for the business and the owner
  • Checklists of essential balance sheet and income statement items
  • Looking out for missing balance sheet and income statement items
  • Revising pension savings for the owner
  • Optimising the company’s costs for the owner
  • Planning corporate income tax before the fiscal years end
  • Planning private income tax before the calendar year end
  • Significant incomes and deductions in each income category
  • Settlements within and between income categories
  • Planning of social security
  • And much more…

SE: Min förläggare Norstedts Juridik har publicerat en beskrivning av min kommande bok på sin hemsida. Omslaget återstår och priset är preliminärt, men den finns där! Här är bokpresentationen.