4 Steps, 4 Products

My services are about accounting, taxation and corporate matters.

In 4 steps I deliver 4 products.

  1. Analyze laws and standards
  2. Research for interpretations, what’s not said or clearly regulated
  3. Conclude consequences for everyday work
  4. Explain how to apply complicated rules in a practice

I communicate my results in books, articles, newsletters and lectures. The lectures, in their turn, gives important feed back to continue and develop step 1-4. I’m depending on you readers and participants to improve my products 🙂

View some of the results here!

Find possibilities and apply them

While analyzing, researching and concluding (step 1-3) my objective is to find answers to the following questions.

  • What’s the meaning of a specific regulation
    • Why is this particular matter regulated, to what purpose?
  • How can this regulation be of benefit to business?
    • How should negative consequences be avoided?
  • How is this regulation to be applied in practice?
    • From laws and standards to accounts, reports, forms and documents

When these answers are found it’s time for explaining (step 4).

“Bringing Theory to Practice – By Books, Articles, Research and Lectures”

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