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Month: June 2016

Hectic weeks in Sweden

MötenA lot of meetings in Sweden recently

As usual, my silence here have been due to a lot of activities. I’ve just spent two weeks in Sweden, filled with meetings and future discussions. Here are some of the highlights.

Xenter, Tumba

Tuesday May 31: Meeting with the Executive Committee of polytechnic education for economists (see also my earlier post Meeting Xenter). More on that later…

BG Institute, Blendow Group AB (Stockholm)

Wednesday June 1: Meeting with BG Institute discussing topics for lectures. More on that later…

The Swedish Accounting Standards Board (Stockholm)

Friday June 3: Meeting Mr Stefan Pärlhem, Head of Secretariat of The Swedish Accounting Standards Board (see also my earlier post Meeting BFN). More on that later…

RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB (Södertälje)

Tuesday June 7: Meeting my old colleagues at RedovisningsHuset (see also my post earlier Teaching at RedovisningsHuset), discussing future projects and more.

Grant Thornton Sweden AB (Stockholm)

Wednesday June 8: Meeting my old colleague Mr Tomas Rosenqvist, now a tax expert at Grant Thornton Sweden AB, discussing my book, mutual experiences of lecturing and more.

Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University (Stockholm)

Wednesday June 8: Meeting academic advisor for evaluation of academic status (web page).

Wolters Kluwer Sverige AB (Göteborg)

Thursday June 9: Start-up meeting for the next educational season and the latest news about cloud-based economic software (web page).

Srf and BAS (Stockholm)

Friday June 10: Meeting Mr Mats Brockert, tax expert at  The Association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll Consultants (Srf) and responsible for the maintenance of the BAS standard chart of accounts (see my earlier post Meeting Srf about BAS and more).

Upcoming Book on Real Estates (Bangkok)

Monday June 13: Back in Thailand I began the first proofreading which kept me occupied until now, hence the silence from me here on the blog.

The book is written in Swedish and it’s title will be Fastigheter – En praktisk vägledning om redovisning och beskattning (Real Estates – A Practical Guidance on Accounting and Taxation). The book is preliminary scheduled to be released on Thursday August 25, 2016. See also my earlier post Manuscript Drop – Real Estates.

Work-in-progress Evaluation (Bangkok)

Tuesday June 28: Analysis and description of alternatives for valuation methods in different Swedish regulations for accounting, prepared and reported online for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB ( The analysis is adapted to a new statement from The Swedish Accounting Standards Board from June 9, which in its turn is an adaption to an EU stance of regulations of accounting.

The news is that assignments on current account can no longer be accounted for when billed, they have to be accounted for by the percentage of completion method.

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Celebrating 40 Years in Business

Peter Berg

Yours truly for 40 years

This day, June 14, but back in 1976 I began my first job in accounting. So today it has been 40 years in business as an accounting consultant, collecting memories and experiences of a wide range.

The latest memories are from a two week business trip to Sweden, with a lot of interesting meetings with people from different organisations. I’ll be back in the nearest future with updates from the trip. Until then, I wish you a good work or a pleasant vacation, please pick what suits you the best 🙂

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