In my book “Performance and income planning” I touched the probability of amortization requirement by legislation in Sweden. It’s well on it’s way now, with a proposition planned for the parliament on February 9, 2016. The legislation is to be effective from May 1, 2016 (which by the way is a public holiday in Sweden).

The background is that amortization of above all housing loans are comparably low in Sweden. The government now introduces a mandatory requirement of amortization for new housing loans, to be executed by banks etc providing such loans.

Web page RedovisningsHuset (Swedish):
Amorteringskravet till riksdagen i februari

Excerpt from the book (Swedish)
Resultat- och inkomstplanering
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7.6 Långtidsutredningen 2015
EU-anpassning ÅRL - Kopia

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