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Lecture on Performance and Income Planning (updated)

Performance and income planning is about actively improving the results of your enterprise as well as your private economy. Above all, it’s about optimizing – maximum private benefits at minimum costs for your company. (Swedish text follows further below) This lecture is for you with an owner managed enterprise, and for all of you advisers
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Lecture on Performance and Income Planning

Thursday-Friday November 19-20, 2015, I spent two pleasant days in the very north of Sweden. The accounting and auditing bureau Revisionstjänst EOB AB had ordered a one day lecture on Performance and Income Planning from Wolters Kluwer, and I was chosen as lecturer. I arrived by air to Kiruna and train to Gällivare on Thursday
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New Webinar on Performance Planning / Nytt webbinarium Resultatplanering

New webinar number 5 of 13! Today I delivered the documentation to Accountor Training for “Performance Planning”   (text in Swedish follows further below). Content In this webinar I describe how to analyze an owner-managed enterprise, identify possible economic problems and suggesting solutions before the upcoming annual report. It’s of course mainly about tweaking the performance, but it’s
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New Lecture Owner Related Transactions in Limited Companies / Ägartransaktioner i aktiebolag

Owner Related Transactions in Limited Companies / Föreläsning om ägartransaktioner i aktiebolag

New Lecture Act Against Money Laundering / Ny föreläsning om lagen mot penningtvätt

New Lecture on Act Against Money Laundering / Ny föreläsning om lagen mot penningtvätt, tillsynen, Reko m.m.

New Lecture Work in Progress | Ny föreläsning pågående arbeten

New Lecture Ongoing Activities / Ny föreläsning om redovisning och beskattning av pågående arbeten

Four Weeks of Lectures in Sweden

Four Weeks of Lectures in Sweden – Fyra veckor med föreläsningar och konsultuppdrag i Stockholm och Göteborg

Book news: Performance and income planning (Resultat- och inkomstplanering)

Spreading on the internet My book is continuously spread to more channels now. In a Google-search I get the #1 hit on “resultat- och inkomstplanering” since several months already, but now it’s 8 out of 10 hits on the first page! And it continues, so on the first two pages I get 13 out of 20 hits and
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Index 2015-2016

Index 2015-2016: Helps you find the gems / Hjälper dig hitta guldkornen

Celebrating One Year

Today I celebrate my first year blogging with “The Consultant’s Journey” – And what a journey it has been! World Communication Some of the topics are general enough to get readers from multiple countries, which I appreciate a lot. I see a pattern of increasing global reading each time I participate in a group discussion, showing
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