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My book is continuously spread to more channels now.

In a Google-search I get the #1 hit on “resultat- och inkomstplanering” since several months already, but now it’s 8 out of 10 hits on the first page! And it continues, so on the first two pages I get 13 out of 20 hits and so on.

EU-anpassning ÅRL - Kopia


In the magazine BTJ-häftet, published by BTJ for professional buyers of literature, Jonas Ransgård reviewed the book in no 1/2016. He concludes by saying that Finally, different investigation proposals for regulatory changes not yet decided are described. This part is an interesting external environment analysis in itself. (“Avslutningsvis behandlas olika utredningars förslag till regelförändringar som ännu inte beslutats. Denna del är en intressant omvärldsanalys i sig”).

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Order your copy now by any of the useful links below / Beställ ditt exemplar i dag via någon av länkarna nedan 🙂

Wolters Kluwer, My publisher: Book presentation

Amazon UK, On-line shop: Book presentation

Adlibris, On-line shop: Book presentation
Discount for members of The Swedish Federation of Business Owners (Företagarna)

UtbildningDirekt, Education on-line directory: Lecture presentation

Bokfynd, Price comparing site: Book presentation

CDON, On-line shop: Book presentation

Bokus, On-line shop: Book presentation

Stockholms stadsbibliotek, Library: Book presentation
The book is already available at the main library, with on-going purchases for three other libraries in the city

Skattenytt, Magazine about tax matters: Book review

Advokaten, Magazine for lawyers: Selected Literature

Campusbokhandeln, On-line shop for university students: Book presentation

Bokliv, On-line shop: Book presentation

Ord & Bok, On-line shop: Book presentation

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