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Today I celebrate my first year blogging with “The Consultant’s Journey” – And what a journey it has been!

World Communication

Some of the topics are general enough to get readers from multiple countries, which I appreciate a lot. I see a pattern of increasing global reading each time I participate in a group discussion, showing the power of global internet communication, but also when posting about general applicable matters such as harmonization or materiality (see more at the bottom of this post!).

State counting

OK, I’ll confess. I’m collecting states. I guess it’s because of the nature of my profession.

Economy is a world wide matter, especially since accounting developed to be globally harmonized for large and listed entities. That’s not the case for small or medium-sized entities (SME). Harmonizing accounting regulations for SME is therefore one of my big concerns. Within the EU, however, we do have harmonization also for SME, and I’m looking forward to a similar development within the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

This first year of the blog have seen visitors from the following 33 countries.

Asia (10 of 48 states)

  • ASEAN (6 of 10 member states)
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Myanmar (Burma)
    • Phillipines
    • Singapore
    • Thailand – My new home country
  • …and the rest of Asia (4 of 38 states)
    • Bangladesh
    • Pakistan
    • Russia
    • Turkey

Europe (16 of 44 states)

  • EU (14 of 28 member states)
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Lithuania
    • Netherlands
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Spain
    • Sweden – My country of origin
  • …and the rest of Europe (2 of 16 states)
    • Norway
    • Switzerland

North America (2 of 23 states)

  • Canada
  • USA, Puerto Rico

South America (2 of 12 states)

  • Brazil
  • Colombia

Oceania (1 of 14 states)

  • Australia

Africa (2 of 55 states)

  • South Africa
  • Uganda

Antarctic (0 states) – I only wanted my list of continents to be complete 🙂

So where did most of my visitors come from? Sweden, not surprisingly, since I lived there for 58 of my so far 59 years. And on third place we find Thailand, also natural since I have a lot of connections here. But on second place, squeezing in between Sweden and Thailand, we find USA!

To all of you who visit this blog, a big Thank You 🙂


Which post had the most visitors then? The winner is…

Is there Audit Harmonization in Europe? (July 13, 2016)

The subject relates to all EU member states and three related states, but this post also got attention from other parts of the world, such as USA.

The following posts were the runner-ups.

2. Lecture on Performance and Income Planning (December 3, 2015)

3. Strengthening the Materiality Principle (March 5, 2016)

I should add that many people also read and comment my posts in this blog on LinkedIn and Facebook, based on the extracts I publish there. That spread makes the impact so much greater.

All this encouragement makes it doubtless that I’ll sure continue blogging and developing better and more useful content. See you in my next post!

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