Sweden Snow Lectures

Photography © Peter Berg

Yesterday I came to Sweden for four weeks of lectures and consultancy assignments. It was about 28 degrees in Bangkok at midnight, when I left, but chilly 2 degrees minus in the morning when I arrived to Arlanda Airport, Stockholm. Brrr…

The picture shows Mariatorget in Stockholm, Sweden last night with fresh snow that came in the evening.


I’m booked for a series of different lectures in the Stockholm area and Gothenburg during November and early December, on the the New Annual Accounts Act in Sweden including what’s to expect from the adapted K-standards, on preparing financial statements on different levels in software from Wolters Kluwer, on a newly produced lecture about Work in Progress, on Performance and Income Planning based on my book on the topic (Resultat- och inkomstplanering) and much more.


We are facing higher taxes in Sweden on dividends from and sales of shares in owner-managed limited companies. RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB have booked me for analysis of the suggested changes of the tax law and suitable measures for the customers (see also my post October 24, 2016 Newsletter from RedovisningsHuset).

In early December, 2016 it’s time for me to attend the next meeting of the Executive Committee of Higher Vocational Education for Economists (SW: Yrkeshögskolan) at Xenter, Botkyrka municipality south of Stockholm (see also my post August 31, 2016 Educations from Xenter/YH-Utbildningar).

Intense weeks

Well, I believe the time will pass fast before it’s time to return to Bangkok December 5, 2016. 🙂


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