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After the summer break the activities of RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB (redovisningshuset.se) are at full speed ahead again. And so is the newsletter that I write for them monthly. Last Friday, August 19, they sent the latest newsletter to their customers and business connections, followed by publication on the web page archive. Here is how it actually looks in the PDF format. Every item is linked to a page with deeper information.

English summary

The newsletter is in Swedish, but here comes a short review for those of you readers who don’t read that language but would like to know whats going on there…

  • RUT-avdrag: Individuals can buy specified home services with tax deduction
    • From August 1 three new areas are qualified for tax deduction
    • We look upon it from the suppliers point of view and hint about new business possibilities
  • Prisbasbelopp: A governmental index is guiding a number of taxes, deductions and more, as well as pensions
    • The index for 2017 is set and we inform about the changes from 2016
  • Uppskov: When selling a house or an apartment the profit is taxed with 22 percent, but it’s possible to postpone the payment and use the money for the next residence
    • There is a limit for how much it’s possible to postpone, but the government has announced that the limit will be removed for the period of June 21, 2016 until June 30, 2020
    • We have calculated if it’s favorably or not to postpone the tax
  • Expansionsfond: Owners of sole proprietorship and trading companies pays a reduced tax on profits kept in the enterprise, by allocations to reserves
    • Sometime in the future these reserves have to be brought back to full taxation
    • We hint about how to be prepared for the full taxation
  • Kick-off: Staff meetings about new challenges or team building can be very useful if planned in the right way
    • We list what to think about to make a staff meeting worth the effort
    • We describe how to build the schedule to make it tax deductible for the company and not taxable for the participants
    • All this happens to be about reasonable proportions between work and fun, which also fulfills the need for both business usefulness and pleasure…
  • Budget: The government budget for 2016 has been updated and the guidelines for budget 2017 are set
    • We show which reforms and changes that are on the way for business enterprises
    • We help planning and keep track on what’s already in force, what’s to come and when

And this is only from the latest newsletter. There’s a lot going on to keep my mind from slowing down 🙂

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