Xenter ledningsgrupp redek redkon YH YH-utbildning

Last night the Executive Committee of Higher Vocational Education for Economists (SW: Yrkeshögskolan) had an important meeting at Xenter, Botkyrka municipality south of Stockholm.

The photo is a screenshot from the meeting (© Peter Berg, peter@hpberg.se). The participants are from left:

New educations

We decided upon two applications to provide higher vocational educations in economics, profiled for different professional roles, for new classes from 2017 (you can find general information about this form of education Here and Here).

The educations are provided as classroom learning as well as distance learning.

The content is constantly updated to the development of regulations, such as The New Annual Accounts Act 2016 and the extensive development of The K-standards 2016 in Sweden.

The changes of Swedish laws and K-standards are largely caused by regional development in the EU and global development of IFRS, so it’s only natural that the teaching is partly conducted in English.

Distance learning – Distance meeting

If we’re launching distance learning we should also be able to meet at distance, right?

I began this post telling about my participation “last night”. Well, that was for me from 8 to 10 pm in Bangkok. The rest of the Executive Committee was on site at Xenter and for them it was between 3 and 5 pm Swedish time. I participated online, hence the screen shot.

Isn’t the technology wonderful? 🙂


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