Wolters Kluwer WK Personalutbildning 2016-10-03 Resultat- och inkomstplanering Nya årsredovisningslagen

Some of the participants in staff education in Gothenburg October 3, 2016 (Copyright Peter Berg)

Yesterday I had the great joy of meeting a good part of the staff of Wolters Kluwer in Gothenburg for a full day of teaching. The participants were from all the departments, such as the software Financial Statements & Analysis (Bokslut & Analys), Tax Returns (Skatt), Consolidated Financial Statements (Koncern), Audit (Revision), Legal Documents (Dokument & Avtal) as well as support staff and the Tax Information Service (Skatteinformation).

Wolters Kluwer WK Personalutbildning 2016-10-03 Resultat- och inkomstplanering Nya årsredovisningslagen

More participants from the staff education in Gothenburg (Copyright Peter Berg)

Performance and Income Planning

The main topic of the day was Performance and Income Planning, a lecture based on my book with the same titel which was published by Wolters Kluwer in October 2015.

EU-anpassning ÅRL - Kopia

Our discussions covered items all the way from legal matters to active advice, practical accounting in the BAS Chart of Accounts and coding for linkage between accounts and tax returns (SRU codes).

We even had time to discuss tax planning when selling real estates and more, with references to my book about real estates (Fastigheter) published by Wolters Kluwer in August 2016.

Book Real Estates Bok Fastigheter En praktisk vägledning om redovisning och beskattning Peter Berg

The lecture was, however, focused on to what extent the content is or can be supported by Wolters Kluwer software. Several participants told me they got ideas for product development during the day with me. Many of them also expressed how useful it is to meet a user of their software (that’s me) and to hear examples from reality.

Teaching the Experts?

For me this day was very special. I’ve had many contacts with several of the participants, but as a customer searching for help from specialists in the software, support staff, tax information and so on. So many times in the history I got fast, nice and very knowledgeable service from them. And now was teaching themWow, I thought to myself.

But it turned out really good. We had a lot of dialogues about how to use existing possibilities in the software, as well as developing the tools. And since the content of my lecture and book is crossing over so many fields of expertise it was perfect to have people from all departements attending!

New Annual Accounts Act

We also managed to cover the New Annual Accounts Act in Sweden from the software development point of view, together with what’s to expect from the adapted K-standards that are soon to be taken into force.

This became a more hands on discussion, since we’re dealing with changes that has to be done in the software in the same time as we don’t have the final interpretations in the K-standards available yet.

A Different Gathering

All in all this day was very different from “normal” teaching, as we had so much dialogue about the impact on the products of Wolters Kluwer. I came home with a lot of inspiration and I hope it was the same for the staff of Wolters Kluwer 🙂

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