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Vesterlins Key Ratios | Nyckeltal

March 4, 2019 I met the management for Vesterlins at their office in Stockholm for two company adapted lectures. I was booked for the topics The Board’s Personal Responsibilities and Analyzing Financial Reports. As it turned out the analyzing part cought a lot of interest and we spent most of the time discussing this area.
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United Spaces | Kontorshotell i världsklass

February 5, 2019 I spent a very interesting day at United Spaces at Waterfront Building in Stockholm. I was booked through Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia to introduce United Spaces to the cloudbased software Capego Financial Reports from Wolters Kluwer. I spent the day assisting the preparations of complete financial reports for one of their companies. We also
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Third Time | Tredje gången med KlaraPapper

November 23, 2018 it was time again to meet a big part of the staff at Ekonomi Klara Papper in Stockholm. This was the third time I was booked through Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia for a company adapted teaching with KlaraPapper. My topic this time was the New Swedish Corporate Tax Legislation. The story of KlaraPapper
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Exception interests | Undantag för räntor i RFR 2

The Council for Financial Reporting (Rådet för Finansiell Rapportering) has published an exception for Sweden from RFR 2 IAS 8 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors when applying RFR 2 IAS 23 Borrowing costs. The exception is temporary for 2019 (fiscal years starting during 2019). From 2019 new corporate tax legislation in Sweden
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Srf U 12 Abbreviated Income Statement | Förkortad resultaträkning

Srf konsulterna (Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants) has released a new statement Srf U 12. The topic is how to comment the turnover in the director’s report when using an abbreviated income statement and applying the Swedish standard K2 (simplified annual reports for smaller companies). Since the Srf statement concerns Swedish accounting regulations, the rest
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Benefit of Free Car | Bilförmåner 2019

EN: I’ve prepared a webinar on 2019 Swedish tax regulations for benefits of free car (bilförmåner), in Swedish for Accountor Training Sweden. The webinar is broadcasted live on May 16, 2019. It’s also recorded and edited for future views by all the subscribers. This particular webinar is also free for all to watch, you only
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Newsletter | Nyhetsbrev 20

EN: New edition of the newsletter is out today! SW: Nytt utskick av nyhetsbrevet idag! Content | Innehåll The New Tax Legislation and the Chart of Accounts | De nya skattereglerna och kontoplanen Updated K-standards | Uppdaterade K-regler IFRS Framework | Ramverket The Board’s Personal Responsibilities | Styrelsens personliga ansvar YouTube Economy News | Ekonominyheter Latest lecturs
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Update | Uppdaterad K3 Årsredovisning

The Swedish Accounting Standards Board (BFN) has released an updated version of the Swedish standard Annual Reports and Consolidated Accounts for Larger Entities (K3). The update is caused by new Swedish legislations. Since the standard is applicable in Sweden the rest of this post will also be in Swedish. In Swedish Bokföringsnämnden (BFN) har uppdaterat Årsredovisning och koncernredovisning (K3).
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Update | Uppdaterad K2 Årsredovisning

The Swedish Accounting Standards Board (BFN) has released an updated version of the Swedish standard Annual Reports for Smaller Entities (K2). The update is caused by new Swedish legislations. Since the standard is applicable in Sweden the rest of this post will also be in Swedish. In Swedish Bokföringsnämnden (BFN) har uppdaterat Årsredovisning i mindre
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April YouTube Economy News | Ekonominyheter

EN: The April edition of Economy News is out on YouTube! I produce these videos for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, with selected news of the month in Swedish for entrepreneurs. The movies are in Swedish, but I can produce similar videos for you in English if you get in touch with me (Contact)! SW: Nu finns
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