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Each month I write a newsletter for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, based on news articles I also write for them on their Web site on a regular basis. You can find the editions at their News letter archive.

Below follows a short resume in Swedish, then English summaries.

SW: Saknar ditt företag nyhetsbrev?

Nyhetsbrev är kraftfulla och uppskattade verktyg för marknadsföring – när innehållet är intressant och hjälper läsaren. Det är också ett utmärkt sätt att påminna dina kunder och kontakter om ditt företag och er kompetens.

Har inte ditt företag ett nyhetsbrev eller uppdateras inte hemsidan? En effektiv kombination är att först uppdatera hemsidan regelbundet med användbart material, för att sedan sprida nyheterna genom ett nyhetsbrev. Då kan du hålla nyhetsbreven korta och skapa trafik till hemsidan.

Jag skriver nyheter om ekonomiska ämnen, både som artiklar och nyhetsbrev, på svenska och engelska. Kontakta mig för ett lönsamt samarbete!

EN: Does your enterprise lack a newsletter?

Newsletters are powerful and appreciated tools of marketing – when the content is helpful for the recipients. And it’s a great way of reminding your customers and contacts about your existence and skills.

Doesn’t your enterprise have a newsletter or isn’t your web site updated? A great combination is to primarily update you web site regularly with useful content and then spread the news about it by a newsletter. Then you can keep your newsletters short and drive traffic to your web site.

I write news about economy matters, both as articles and newsletters, in English and Swedish. Contact me about a profitable cooperation!

EN: English summaries

Since my latest post on this, from October 24, 2016 Newsletters for RedovisningsHuset September – October 2016, we’ve added eight more editions to the archive. The newsletters and articles are in Swedish, but here comes short reviews in English. They are also good examples of how you can design your newsletter – each item is linked in the newsletters to corresponding article on the web site!

Ed. 29 – November 15, 2016

  • Governmental investigation raises the tax for shareholders in smaller, owner-managed companies
  • Stop for private packaging of real estates before sale – in some cases
  • Change of rules for delaying tax from sale of private real estates
  • Email invoice and automatic payment
  • Business hours Nov – Dec

Ed. 30 – December 12, 2016

  • Tax arrears already December 12
  • Legislation decided on changed delay of tax from sale of private real estates
  • Tax changes 2017 – New possibilities
  • 4 strong reasons to get your ready-made limited company now in December
  • Less paper handling – More digital
  • Business hours Dec- Jan

Ed. 31 – January 13, 2017

  • Income statements and salary reporting for 2016 ends January 31
  • Income statements every month proposed as new law
  • Tax deductions for representation meals mainly stopped from 2017 – When each enterprises next fiscal year begins
  • Important dates 2017
  • Amounts and percentages 2017
  • Business hours Jan – Feb

Ed. 32 February 20, 2017

  • We upgrade to better and modern accounting systems
  • This way you can get rid of your accounting documents 4 years earlier
  • We help you look out for forbidden loan situations in companies
  • Deduction dictionary for enterprises and entrepreneurs
  • Business hours Feb – Mar

Ed. 33 March 27, 2017

  • The government backs on parts of  tax raises for shareholders in smaller, owner-managed companies
  • Partial stop for packaging of real estates before sale sent for judicial preview
  • Calculation help for tax and VAT deductions of representation meals
  • Expanding support of first employment in limited companies and partnerships
  • Business hours Mar – Apr

Ed. 34 April 19, 2017

  • Tax raise for car benefits suggested by the government
  • Tax raises for real estates suggested by a governmental investigation
  • Outcome of judicial preview of the partial stop for packaging of real estates before sale
  • Retirement savings with failed deductions
  • Business hours Apr – May

Ed. 35 May 10, 2017

  • Prepare for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPA)
  • Government’s spring budget nothing for entrepreneurs
  • Now we’re transiting to email invoicing
  • Business hours May – Jun

Ed. 36 June, 2017

  • Legislation decided about income statements every month
  • Tax raises for shareholders in smaller, owner-managed companies sent for judicial preview
  • Tax raise for car benefits sent for judicial preview – after changes
  • Expanding support of first employment in limited companies and partnerships sent for judicial preview
  • Stricter amortization requirements proposed for households with high debts
  • Business hours Jun – Aug, including closed for vacation

There you are! Here’s how it can be done. Another example is my own Economy News. If you want something like this for your enterprise, feel free to Contact me. And if you have opinions on this post, feel free to comment below thank you!

Lectures / Föreläsningar

Keep yourself updated by education! I give lectures on legislation and standards for accounting, as well as other economic topics.

Håll dig uppdaterad genom att gå på kurs! Jag håller föreläsningar om lagstiftning och K-regler för redovisning, liksom om andra företagsekonomiska ämnen.

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