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Twice again it’s been time to deliver newsletters for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB (see also my post from August 22, 2016 Newsletter from RedovisningsHuset).

I write the newsletters for RedovisningsHuset monthly and after they’ve been sent to the subscribers I also publish the newsletters in their web page archive.

English summaries

The newsletters are in Swedish, but here comes a short review for those of you readers who don’t read that language but would like to know whats going on there…

Number 27 – September 5, 2016

  • Agreement of Assignment
    • RedovisningsHuset has an agreement of Assignment with each customer
    • The yearly update of the terms and conditions was anounced
  • Postponement of tax on sales of residence
    • In the previous newsletter we informed about the governments plan of improvement on postponement when exchaning a residence to a more expensive one (Newsletter from RedovisningsHuset)
    • Now the government has moved forward with a complete suggestion of law changes, including additional improvement on postponement when exchanging a residence to a cheaper one and we illustrate the effects with calculations

Number 28 – October 19, 2016

  • New regulations for owner-managed limited companies
    • A governmental investigation shall report no later than November 1, 2016 with suggestions of new regulations for taxes on dividends and results from sales of shares
    • The changes are expected to be detrimental to owners that are physical persons
    • We report to the readers of the newsletter that we are fully prepared to analyse the new regulations as soon as they are public, and that we will help our customers with necessary measures
  • Earlier payments of additional taxes for entrepreneurs
    • New routines at the governmental tax agency (Skatteverket) requires entrepreneurs to pay additional taxes, if appropriate, three months earlier then before
    • We advice about how to plan for the new situation
  • Summer time ends soon
    • Sweden has the same dates as the rest of the EU for daylight saving time
    • We remind our readers that on Sunday 30, 2016 it’s time to adjust our clocks backward to standard time and win one hour
  • Budget
    • The government have submitted it’s budget for 2016 to the parliament
    • We have already described relevant changes in taxation for entrepreneurs that are to be in force 2017, and now we just confirm that the changes are on track

And the news continue to drop in already for the next newsletter 🙂

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