Mats Brockert BAS-kontogruppen Srf konsulternaMr. Mats Brockert to the left and myself
(photographer Ms. Helen Bäckqvist, Srf konsulterna)

Today I met Mr. Mats Brockert, tax expert at Srf konsulterna (Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants).

Mats is also responsible for the maintenance of the BAS chart of accounts concept, with products such as The Accounting Manual, and BAS was the major issue of today’s meeting.

One BAS product is the accounting journal Bulletinen. There is a lot going on in the accounting field so it’s only natural that we had several possible topics for the journal to discuss. We also covered the present K-standards as well as some problems related to areas with and without linkage between accounting, taxation and VAT.

In the beginning of our meeting Mr. Claes Eriksson, accounting expert at Srf konsulterna, stopped by and we had a brief exchange of opinions with him about principles for the structure of the BAS chart of accounts. A new set of principles is developed, so that topic is highly relevant.

On my way out we met Ms. Helen Bäckqvist, coordinator of the expert unit at Srf konsulterna. We had once worked together in the Executive Committee of the Higher Vocational Education for Economists (SW: Yrkeshögskolan) at Xenter in Botkyrka municipality south of Stockholm, which is described in the post New Higher Vocational Educations from Xenter. Once again the world proves to be small…

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