Accountor Training in Sweden has signed an agreement with me on lectures. Initially I’m delivering 12 webinars in September 2017 on accounting related topics, from their studio in Stockholm.

Quoting their web pages Accountor in Sweden is part of Accountor Group, one of the leading players in Northern Europe in outsourcing services and financial management, as well as accounting and human resources management for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Accountor has over over 2,300 employees at 100 offices in 7 countries.

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • Ukraine
  • Russia

The head office is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Accountor Training is established in several countries and is now also starting up in Sweden.

I’m proud to be part of Accountor Training services and welcomes them among my customers!

Lectures / Föreläsningar

Keep yourself updated by education! I give lectures on legislation and standards for accounting, as well as other economic topics.

Håll dig uppdaterad genom att gå på kurs! Jag håller föreläsningar om lagstiftning och K-regler för redovisning, liksom om andra företagsekonomiska ämnen.

  1. Choose lecture / Välj föreläsning (Publications & Lectures)
  2. Book / Boka (Contact)
  3. And-or buy the books! / Och-eller köp böckerna! (Publications & Lectures)

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