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Finally getting on with the blog again, after way too long absence. I blame my silence on a huge amount of activities, not a lack of them.

Sadly Stockholm got most of the international attention last month due to a terrorist attack, but the fact remains that this city has a lot to offer. That’s why I’ll focus on my activities in Stockholm the last months 2017, which is all about good news.

RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB

Visiting my old company RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB and my old colleagues is always a joy. On January 18 I came to the office for meetings about customer issues, feeling good to still be on the track for specialty matters in their daily consultations. It concerned one case of start-up for a real estate group of companies and one case of winding up a company, after solving a somewhat complicated insurance matter.

I wrote newsletters for RedovisningsHuset on January 12February 19, March 19 and April 18.

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer Content Marketing Fastigheter Resultat- och inkomstplanering Svensk Skattetidning Bulletinen

I performed several lectures for Wolters Kluwer.


  • January 19 (on-site lecture) + March 2 (web lecture): Annual Accounts, Software Introduction for experienced
    • SW: Bokslut, programintroduktion för bokslutsvana
  • February 1-2 (on-site lecture): Annual Accounts, Theory and Software Introduction for beginners
    • SW: Bokslut teori och programintroduktion
  • February 7-8 + March 8-9 (on-site lectures): Capego Annual Accounts, Theory and cloud-based Software Introduction for beginners
    • SW: Capego Bokslut, teori och programintroduktion (molnbaserat)
  • February 14 (web lecture): The New Annual Accounts Act in practice
    • SW: Nya årsredovisningslagen i praktiken

On January 26 it was time for Wolters Kluwer’s big Author Party. Wolters Kluwer is the publishing house for a major part of Sweden’s most competent legal authors and I was proud to be among them. The evening offered drinks, mingle among many well known authors and all the staff that’s taking care of us at Wolters Kluwer, a gourmet dinner and entertainment by the linguist and stand up comedian Mr. Fredrik Lindström.

My publisher Ms. Isabel Carendi met me on February 16 for a follow up of my published books and articles. A lot of topics were covered during the meeting.

During March I also wrote a new content marketing article for Wolters Kluwer, this time on my experiences from applying the cloud-based software Capego for the first time.

Publicistklubben (PK)

On January 23 I took part of an evening debate arranged by The Swedish Publicist Club (Publicistklubben, PK). The main topic was to which extent the media has brought a growing mistrust on to them selves. An eventful evening which left me with many impressions afterwords.


Språkkonsulterna juridiskt språk

On January 25 The Language Consultants offered a breakfast seminar on the topic of How to explain legal content and make it understandable for non-lawyers. I found it particularly interesting since I myself work a lot with describing and explaining economy matters for non- economists, a somewhat similar challenge. After the breakfast meeting we discussed a possible future joint meeting about economy for non-economists.


The Swedish Federation of Business Owners arranged a perspective widening breakfast meeting on January 26. The topic was Brexit and Trump – What happens Now? We participating members enjoyed two insightful lectures, by Företagarnas Chief Economist Mr. Daniel Wiberg and Member of the Parliament and Sweden’s former Defense Minister Ms. Karin Enström.


Rotary Stockholm City First Breakfast arranges breakfast meetings every Tuesday morning at the hotel Scandic Anglais in the heart of Stockholm City. Every meeting offers breakfast mingle and plenty of new contact possibilities. I participated in two breakfast meetings so far.

On January 31 there was a presentation of supporting students to establish, run and winding up a test company during their studies, to learn about corporate economy and how to run a business in the future.

On February 28 I had the pleasure of listening to Member of the Parliament Mr. Lars-Arne Staxäng during his lecture on the future challenges for the Swedish retirement system. We’ve had opportunities to keep contact on relating topics after that lecture.

Rotary Stockholm City Business Network invited to a lunch mingle and lecture on February 17. Mr. Hans Börsvik, former CEO at PwC Sweden, talked on the topic Value Guided Leadership. There was an interesting lecture from a professional, very tasty lunch and many new mingle contacts!

Bokföringsnämnden (BFN)

BFN Bokföringsnämnden

On February 9 I once again had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Stefan Pärlhem, Head of Secretariat of the governmental standard setting body The Swedish Accounting Standards Board (Bokföringsnämnden, BFN). We discussed up-to-date news about different accounting related matters and more.


On February 14 I participated in a meeting with the Executive Committee of Higher Vocational Education for Economists (SW: Yrkeshögskolan), discussing the outcome of our newest applications for governmental grants and planning for the upcoming exams.


Bolagsverket Swedish Companies Registration Office

Ms. Jenny Edin from Swedish Companies Registration Office interviewed me on February 15 regarding my views on their digital services. Interviews like this are part of a governmental project which aims towards a new technical platform for digital communication between the authority and Sweden’s companies. A core issue is to make it possible and convenient for all the corporations that are obliged to report annually to send in their financial statements digitally. Reuse of the digital information for other authorities is also an important part of the work – report once to one place, and preferably machine to machine.

This project was also mentioned during my meeting with BFN (see above), since BFN is part of it. Mr. Stefan Pärlhem generously arranged a meeting room for us to perform the interview in, when he heard about the upcoming event.

My own newsletter

The beginning of this year also saw the birth of my own Newsletter, finally after writing newsletters for customers for so long!

Number one was sent out on January 24 and number two on February 6. Since then it has been dormant (I hope you can understand why given all the circumstances described on this page) but soon it’s time again!

Lectures / Föreläsningar

Keep yourself updated by education! I give lectures on legislation and standards for accounting, as well as other economic topics.

Håll dig uppdaterad genom att gå på kurs! Jag håller föreläsningar om lagstiftning och K-regler för redovisning, liksom om andra företagsekonomiska ämnen.

  1. Choose lecture / Välj föreläsning (Publications & Lectures)
  2. Book / Boka (Contact)
  3. And-or buy the books! / Och-eller köp böckerna! (Publications & Lectures)

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