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Lately I’ve been reading texts on the importance of combining joy and work and how that also helps the profitability – Have fun and higher earnings, really the best of two worlds!

Connecting advises in the texts I read weree: Develop specialties based on personal passions, and market it.

Define the Passions

One of my inspirations came from an article worth considering by Charles B. Hall, on passion in work.

I believe that I fulfill his message, but his writings got me thinking more about articulating which my passions really are. For me the best way to think is to write, so I updated my presentation adding new parts based on three P:s – Personal Professional Passions.

Dare to be Different

Other articles from other sources stressed the importance of being different and to communicate this, for instance the article “Cocky Business” in Swedish, by Teres Hallman in the magazine Företagaren (The Entrepreneur) issued by Företagarna, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners.

Market the Skills

There are a lot of authorized accounting consultants out there, but what makes each one special and why should a customer chose this particular one?

So I created a new page describing my work process and the products it leads to.

And finally I compiled examples of these products in another new page.

So, welcome dear reader to a (partly) new blog!

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