Feels like I’m glued to the computer screen all days right now!

I realise that it’s a long time since I updated my beloved blog. The reason isn’t that nothing has happened. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Web Editing and Newsletters

Every month I update the web page for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB and this spring have been full of legislative news in Sweden, at least in my areas accounting, taxation and corporate law. Also I prepare their newsletter every month.


Autumn is education time for economy and legal advisers, so it has also been a lot of planning for this year’s lectures. I’ll visit Sweden three times for local assignments, as it looks now: in June, September and November 2016.

Expert Witness

I’m an expert witness in a legal case regarding whether a person should be taxed in Sweden or not. The hearing will be in May in Stockholm, but since I’m in Thailand now the court and the law firm agreed to let me testify in writing. My document has just been finished, and now we’ll wait and hope for a good outcome of the case.

Book on Real Estates

Last, but not least, I’m using all my available time for writing on my upcoming book on Real Estates for my publisher Wolters Kluwer. This will continue until the end of May, so there will be one more month with not so much blogging…

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