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Assignment: Create a modern and fresh intranet

Challenging assignment

In April 2015 I got a challenging and exciting assignment from my old company RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB (redovisningshuset.se):

Create a structure for a new and modern intranet, which can replace the existing intranet in it’s out-of-date structure and programming tool.

In August 2015 we established a first preliminary structure and which new tool to use, to be accomplished a few months later.

Clean structure, easy posting

In December 2015, I delivered my proposition for a new structure, built in a modern programming tool and with possibilities for all in the staff to contribute directly on the web.

The new structure contains far less pages than the old one, which had since long lost its rationality in a myriad of pages. We now targeted a simple and clean intranet, with an easy search tool including free search, categories and tags. Also, the archive maintains itself automatically.

Implementation and launch

Then followed a period of tests, appointing and educating responsible and supporting persons in the staff, setting passwords and more.

So at last came the day of transition. On February 15, 2016, the new intranet was launched and the updates of the old one stopped.

Since then I see frequent updates, by different colleagues, and the intranet seems to be hopping and sparkling just as it was meant to be.

I thank my old partners at RedovisningsHuset for the confidence of assigning me for this task, and whish you good luck in the future use of the new tool 🙂

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