Wednesday December 2, 2015, I had the pleasure to meet representatives of the Swedish Development Cooperation, at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok. The representatives were:

  • Mr Per Sevastik, Analyst Regional Strategy for Asia
  • Ms Maja Forslind, Second Secretary, Programme Manager – Private Sector Collaboration

This was an informal first meeting without aim for decisions, to get to know each other. I presented my experience of national, regional and global standard settings for accounting and financial statements. I also outlined my special interest in accounting matters for SME (small and medium sized enterprises) and, in my opinion, the overall particular need of support by simplified guide lines for SME.

We discussed which connections could be useful, as well as the interesting and important phase of ASEAN establishing AEC (see my post Arriving to ASEAN).

Although my hosts had a heavy workload they showed both interest and commitment for my topics. I thank them for giving me their time and now we’ll see what the next step can be!

Swedish Embassy in Bangkok