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Monthly Update February 2018 / Månadsuppdatering februari 2018

Economy news for February was the  subject of today’s webinar for Accountor Training (text in Swedish follows further below). Content The purpose of the webinar is to give the participants a summary of the latest news about legislation and standards within the corporate economy area, as well as news about the accounting consultancy profession. How to […]


Ego lecture | Egoföredrag hos Rotary

EN: Today I had the great honor to give an Ego Lecture at Rotary Stockholm City First Breakfast, something that all new members is supposed to do. SW: Idag hade jag den stora äran att hålla ett Egoföredrag hos Rotary Stockholm City Första Frukost, något alla nya medlemmar förväntas göra. EN: Mr. Samuel Holgersson, President […]


3 New Statements from Srf / 3 nya uttalanden från Srf

Srf konsulterna (Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants) released three new statement on December 12, 2017 (text in Swedish follows further below). The statements are treating issues when applying the Swedish standard K2, simplified annual reports for smaller companies. Srf U 9 Advance payments according to the five thousand SEK regulation in K2 The exception in […]


Local Promotion / Lokal marknadsföring i workshop med Gecko Do It

Gecko Do It invited a small and exclusive group to a useful workshop about local promotion (text in Swedish follows further below). The workshop was held December 7, 2017 at the office of Gecko Do It, on Sukhumvit soi 13 in Bangkok. We got 3 hours of freely shared knowledge and practical tips about what […]


Sale of Impaired Assets / Avyttring av nedskrivna tillgångar

Swedish Tax Journal (Svensk Skattetidning) published my article on sale of impaired assets in edition 8/2017 (text in Swedish follows further below). The article is in Swedish. In the article I describe different tax approaches for different impairments. Some write-downs are deductible immediately, but mostly they will be deductible only after the asset is sold. […]


Work in Progress Part 1 / Pågående arbeten del 1

My article Work in Progress, Part 1 Current Account has been published in issue 3/2017 of The Bulletin, by BAS who also maintains the BAS Chart of Accounts (text in Swedish follows further below). The article is in Swedish. I begin with describing which entities that are to apply the standards for accounting of work […]


Presentation at Rotary / Presentation hos Rotary

When Rotary Stockholm City Network met at October 13, 2017 I got to present myself and my operation (text in Swedish follows further below). It was a great opportunity, since this network consists of seven Stockholm Rotary Clubs and attracts a lot of participants at every meeting. The main attraction was Mr. Johan Holmsäter, who delivered […]


Chronicle for Wolters Kluwer / Krönika för Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer asked me to write about my personal user experience of transition from local software Bokslut (Financial Reports) to cloud based software Capego Bokslut (text in Swedish follows further below). Happily I want to work, because I was thrilled about the great development they achieved of the user interface. Wolters Kluwer had visions of […]


PwC on Limited Interest Deductions / PwC om begränsade ränteavdrag

PwC highlighted uncertainties and displayed interpretations today on the governments proposal Limited Interest Deductions for Companies (text in Swedish follows further below). PwC arranged a nice Breakfast seminar at their office in Stockholm with three of their leading consultants as lecturers: Peter Lindstrand, Johannes Ernst and Daniel Glückman. Wide EU limits transforms to narrow Swedish limits This […]


Newsletter August for RedovisningsHuset / Nyhetsbrev augusti för RH

Scrapped tax changes, limited tax deductions for interest and much more filled the latest newsletter from RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB (text in Swedish follow further below). I write the content for this Swedish newsletter monthly, except for July, and we restarted after the summer with edition 37 on August 31. It was unusually much to […]


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