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Weeks in Stockholm

Finally getting on with the blog again, after way too long absence. I blame my silence on a huge amount of activities, not a lack of them. Sadly Stockholm got most of the international attention last month due to a terrorist attack, but the fact remains that this city has a lot to offer. That’s […]

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Lighten Up the Legal Language / Språkkonsulterna städar det juridiska språket

Lighten Up the Legal Language / Städa upp i det juridiska språket med Språkkonsulterna

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Index 2015-2016

Index 2015-2016: Helps you find the gems / Hjälper dig hitta guldkornen

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Newsletters for RedovisningsHuset September – October 2016

Newsletters for RedovisningsHuset Sep – Oct 2016, English summaries

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Newsletter for RedovisningsHuset

Newsletter for RedovisningsHuset with an English summary

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Alive and Kicking

Intensive period of web editing, newsletters, lectures, expert witness, book writing on Real Estates

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Creating an Intranet

Assignment: Create a modern and fresh intranet Challenging assignment In April 2015 I got a challenging and exciting assignment from my old company RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB ( Create a structure for a new and modern intranet, which can replace the existing intranet in it’s out-of-date structure and programming tool. In August 2015 we established […]

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Agreement of Assignment / Uppdragsavtal

EN: As a bureau of authorised accounting consultants Redovisningshuset i Södertälje AB ( establishes an Agreement of Assignment with each customer enterprise. I have designed the agreement and included documents, whereof the Terms and Conditions is an important basic legal document. I’ve also designed the workflow of the documents to ensure an effective procedure for the staff. Last week I […]

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Web Articles / Webb-artiklar

EN: Today I published the last part of six web articles on the web page of It’s a series of guides on basic topics for the customers: Your Guide to Accounting Your Guide to Auditor Your Guide to Stock Companies Your Guide to Rapid Settlement (of Companies) Your Guide to Rating of Companies Your Guide […]

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