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Weeks in Stockholm

Finally getting on with the blog again, after way too long absence. I blame my silence on a huge amount of activities, not a lack of them. Sadly Stockholm got most of the international attention last month due to a terrorist attack, but the fact remains that this city has a lot to offer. That’s
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PK on Distrust of Media / PK och misstron mot medierna

PK on Distrust of Media / Intressant debattkväll med PK om misstron mot medierna.

Index 2015-2016

Index 2015-2016: Helps you find the gems / Hjälper dig hitta guldkornen

Proud Member of Swedish Publicist Club (Publicistklubben)

A life-long dream has been fulfilled, since I got my first book published 2015 and also since I now got accepted as member of the Swedish Publicist Club 🙂 I’ve been fascinated by printed media, as books and newspapers, since before I could read (and I learned to read at age five, my parents didn’t know
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