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Thai-EU Trade at the Nordic Chambers of Commerce | Handeln Thailand-EU hos de nordiska handelskamrarna

EN: Mr. Philipp Dupuis met the Nordic Chambers of Commerce in Bangkok last Wednesday March 7, 2018 (Thai-Danish, Thai-Finnish, Thai-Norwegian and Thai-Swedish Chambers). He presented a forward looking perspective on the Thailand-EU trade relations, and also a background from the recent EU Council conclusions on Thailand. SW: Philipp Dupuis träffade de nordiska handelskamrarna i Bangkok i
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Teaching at Bonava | Utbildning hos Bonava

Last week I had a day of company adapted education at Bonava, on behalf of Wolters Kluwer (text in Swedish follows further below). Leading Residential Developer Listed at Nasdaq Stockholm Bonava is a leading residential developer in Northern Europe. The group has 1,600 employees in eight countries, namely Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Estonia
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International Regulation for Accounting / Internationella redovisningsregler

The chain of standard setting is the subject of my new webinar for Accountor Training (text in Swedish follows further below). Content Accounting standards are created and implemented in a process that involves all levels, global as well as regional and national parties. To understand this process makes it a lot easier to apply accounting
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Index 2015-2016

Index 2015-2016: Helps you find the gems / Hjälper dig hitta guldkornen

Celebrating One Year

Today I celebrate my first year blogging with “The Consultant’s Journey” – And what a journey it has been! World Communication Some of the topics are general enough to get readers from multiple countries, which I appreciate a lot. I see a pattern of increasing global reading each time I participate in a group discussion, showing
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Is there Audit Harmonization in Europe?

Analysis: How well does regional harmonization function when the member states are given a range for implementation? Statutory audit is the test object here. According to European Union (EU) regulations statutory audit is not required for small undertakings. The question is, however, to which extent the member states have implemented this possibility. The contents of this
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International Mobile Operator Telenor’s Most Lucrative Market is… Thailand

Telenor Mobile Market and Accounting Mobile market in ASEAN is developing fast, and with the big populations of the member states there’s always a question of huge numbers. And what’s that got to do with accounting? We’ve already seen for some years a shift of focus in western countries such as Sweden, from computers to
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The blog goes international

2015, my first year with this blog, has ended. Since I began in August my starting year comprises of only five months, but I already feel more than satisfied with the result. Most of my visitors came via Facebook and LinkedIn and they visited from eleven countries, in alphabetical order Denmark, France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Italy,
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Teaching at HeidelbergCement / Utbildning hos HeidelbergCement

EN: Last Monday October 19 I had the pleasure of meeting a group of economists at HeidelbergCement in Liljeholmen, Stockholm. HeidelbergCement is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials and employs some 45,500 people in more than 40 countries. I met their economists who are working with the subsidiaries in Sweden and Norway. Swedish
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