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Newsletter 10 on Corporate Economy News | Nyhetsbrev 10 om företagsekonomiska nyheter

The first newsletter for 2018 is out. As last time it’s fully packed: 3 New Statements from Srf  l  Monthly Update January 2018  |  New Webinars  |  Many News from BFN  |  New Standard for Annual Accounts  |  RFR 1 and RFR 2 for 2018  |  One Customer Becomes Two  |  Classification of Building on Long […]


Newsletter 9 on Corporate Economy News

The last newsletter for 2017 is out and the first year is completed for my new channel. It’s fully packed: Local Promotion in Workshop with Gecko Do It  |  Sale of Impaired Assets  |  Work in Progress  |  Presentation at Rotary  |  Chronicle for Wolters Kluwer  |  BankID CEO at Rotary  |  PwC on Limited Interest […]


New Edition of Economy News / Nytt utskick av Ekonominyheter

Today I distributed edition 5 of my newsletter. Content: “BFN and SKV on Supporting Documents for Employee Expenses  |  Srf U 8 Short and Long Term Loans in K2  |  Member of Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC)  |  Member of Swedes Worldwide (SVIV)  | Newsletters for RedovisningsHuset  |  Current from BFN”. You can read it here, or […]


Newsletters for RedovisningsHuset Nov 2016 – Jun 2017

Each month I write a newsletter for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, based on news articles I also write for them on their Web site on a regular basis. You can find the editions at their News letter archive. Below follows a short resume in Swedish, then English summaries. SW: Saknar ditt företag nyhetsbrev? Nyhetsbrev är kraftfulla […]


New Edition of Economy News / Nytt utskick av ekonominyheter

Today I distributed my latest newsletter. It’s content is about ”Impairment of Municipal Assets  |  New Accounting Standard for Housing Associations  |  Limited Interest Deductions for Companies  |  Packaging of Real Estates to an End?  | Upcoming Lectures for Wolters Kluwer  |  New Agreement with Accountor on Lectures  |  Technical Updates Enhances the Blog”. But you […]