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Newsletter 13 on Corporate Economy News | Nyhetsbrev 13 om företagsekonomiska nyheter

New edition of my newsletter is out today (text in Swedish follows further below). Content New Tax Legislation for Enterprises BAS Chart of Accounts 2018 Wolters Kluwer Next Season Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Guest Lecture YouTube – Corporate Economy News for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB YouTube My Services Consultant’s Diary If you’re not a
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Newsletter 11 on Corporate Economy News | Nyhetsbrev 11 om företagsekonomiska nyheter

The second newsletter for 2018 is out (text in Swedish follows further below). Teaching at BFN  l  Monthly Update February 2018  |  Up-to-date with BFN  |  Teaching for Riksbyggen  |  Ego Lecture at Rotary  |  Teaching at Bonava  |  Consultant’s Diary If you’re not a subscriber and got it already, you’ll find the newsletter in the Archive,
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Newsletter 10 on Corporate Economy News | Nyhetsbrev 10 om företagsekonomiska nyheter

The first newsletter for 2018 is out. As last time it’s fully packed: 3 New Statements from Srf  l  Monthly Update January 2018  |  New Webinars  |  Many News from BFN  |  New Standard for Annual Accounts  |  RFR 1 and RFR 2 for 2018  |  One Customer Becomes Two  |  Classification of Building on Long
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Newsletter 9 on Corporate Economy News

The last newsletter for 2017 is out and the first year is completed for my new channel. It’s fully packed: Local Promotion in Workshop with Gecko Do It  |  Sale of Impaired Assets  |  Work in Progress  |  Presentation at Rotary  |  Chronicle for Wolters Kluwer  |  BankID CEO at Rotary  |  PwC on Limited Interest
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New Edition of Economy News / Nytt utskick av Ekonominyheter

Today I distributed edition 5 of my newsletter. Content: “BFN and SKV on Supporting Documents for Employee Expenses  |  SrfU 8 Short and Long Term Loans in K2  |  Member of Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC)  |  Member of Swedes Worldwide (SVIV)  | Newsletters for RedovisningsHuset  |  Current from BFN”. You can read it here, or even
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Newsletters for RedovisningsHuset Nov 2016 – Jun 2017

Each month I write a newsletter for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, based on news articles I also write for them on their Web site on a regular basis. You can find the editions at their News letter archive. Below follows a short resume in Swedish, then English summaries. SW: Saknar ditt företag nyhetsbrev? Nyhetsbrev är kraftfulla
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New Edition of Economy News / Nytt utskick av ekonominyheter

Today I distributed my latest newsletter. It’s content is about “Impairment of Municipal Assets  |  New Accounting Standard for Housing Associations  |  Limited Interest Deductions for Companies  |  Packaging of Real Estates to an End?  | Upcoming Lectures for Wolters Kluwer  |  New Agreement with Accountor on Lectures  |  Technical Updates Enhances the Blog”. But you
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