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One Customer Becomes Two / En kund blir två

Now, when 2018 is about to begin, Wolters Kluwer will be divided in two and the glorious old trademark Norstedts Juridik will reappear once more  (text in Swedish follows further below). Update January 6, 2018: New website for Norstedts Juridik, see further below. Established in the middle of the 19th century Norstedts Juridik was established
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7 Steps to Prepare for GDPR – The RH Case / 7 förberedelser för dataskyddsförordningen – Fallet RH

On behalf of RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB I have analysed the consequences of GDPR for them and suggested an action plan (text in Swedish follows further below). GDPR is short for the EU General Data Protection Regulation which will be in force on May 25, 2018 simultaneously in all the EU member states as law.
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Meeting Democrat Party of Thailand

In my post Eventful AGM 2017 for TSCC Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce I told about how Mr. Korn Chatikavanij, representative of the Democrat Party of Thailand and former Finance Minister of Thailand, gave an inspiring speech on “Thailand 4.0: The Rice of a Stagnant Nation?” and how we exchanged contact informations afterwards. I promised you a
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Weeks in Stockholm

Finally getting on with the blog again, after way too long absence. I blame my silence on a huge amount of activities, not a lack of them. Sadly Stockholm got most of the international attention last month due to a terrorist attack, but the fact remains that this city has a lot to offer. That’s
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Index 2015-2016

Index 2015-2016: Helps you find the gems / Hjälper dig hitta guldkornen

Four Weeks of Lectures in Sweden

Four Weeks of Lectures in Sweden – Fyra veckor med föreläsningar och konsultuppdrag i Stockholm och Göteborg

Alive and Kicking

Intensive period of web editing, newsletters, lectures, expert witness, book writing on Real Estates

Meeting SIDA

Wednesday December 2, 2015, I had the pleasure to meet representatives of the Swedish Development Cooperation, at the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok. The representatives were: Mr Per Sevastik, Analyst Regional Strategy for Asia Ms Maja Forslind, Second Secretary, Programme Manager – Private Sector Collaboration This was an informal first meeting without aim for decisions, to get to know
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Arriving to ASEAN

Last Sunday November 29, 2015, I came to Bangkok from Sweden for a new life in Thailand and ASEAN. I aim to establish here in two ways. Continuing deliveries to my Swedish customers, on distance via internet as an author and consultant Books Lecture documentations Newsletters Web page updates Investigations Being a part of the development
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Agreement of Assignment / Uppdragsavtal

EN: As a bureau of authorised accounting consultants Redovisningshuset i Södertälje AB ( establishes an Agreement of Assignment with each customer enterprise. I have designed the agreement and included documents, whereof the Terms and Conditions is an important basic legal document. I’ve also designed the workflow of the documents to ensure an effective procedure for the staff. Last week I
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