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Web Shop Launched / Nätbutiken lanseras

Today the web shop for professional economists is launched (text in Swedish follows further below)! This is the place to: Order books Subscribe to journals Book lectures and webinars This is also where you order: Company web site updates Newsletters for your company The web shop is divided into six sections for your overview. Welcome […]

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More Lectures Booked / Fler föreläsningar bokade

Wolters Kluwer and Accountor Training have ordered three additional webinars from me, in September and October 2017 (text in Swedish follows further below). Wolters Kluwer have assigned me to hold one new webinar. ”Financial Statements, Software Repetition and Tips” on October 24, 2017 For experienced users of the software Financial Statements Accountor Training have assigned me […]

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More Lectures booked by Wolters Kluwer / Fler föreläsningar bokade av Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer just booked two more lectures with me, one in Stockholm September 2017 and one in Gothenburg November 2017 (text in Swedish follows further below). In September I’ll give a company adapted lecture for the staff in an accounting consultancy company in Stockholm. The November lecture is for the tax experts at Wolters Kluwer […]

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Article on Actual Control Person Act for RH / Artikel om verklig huvudman för RH

Today I published an article in Swedish about the Actual Control Person Act on the web site for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, Register Actual Control Person from September 1, 2017 (text in Swedish follows further below). In the article I describe the new law, which introduces a mandatory demand on almost all juristic persons in Sweden to […]

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Article on Anti-Money Laundering for RH / Artikel om penningstvättslagen för RH

Today I published an article in Swedish about the Anti-Money laundering Act on the web site for RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB, The Anti-Money Laundering Act is in force from August 1, 2017 (text in Swedish follows further below). In the article I describe which branches that are affected the regulations. I also list the most important […]

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Article on the EU GDPR for RedovisningsHuset / Artikel om dataskyddsförordningen

Today I wrote and posted an article in Swedish about the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (Your checklists for GDPR) on the web site of RedovisningsHuset i Södertälje AB (text in Swedish follows further below). The article is mainly targeting their corporate customers. The GDPR will be in force as law on May 25, 2018 simultaneously […]

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New Lecture Bookings from Wolters Kluwer / Nya kursbokningar

Wolters Kluwer have booked me for two new lectures i Stockholm (text in Swedish follow further below). In my post Upcoming Lectures for Wolters Kluwer I described the coming season. I was then booked for 14 software educations, seminars and webinars during September 2017 to March 2018. Now I’m booked for 2 additional software one-day educations […]

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Real Estates, New Order from Accountor Training / Fastigheter, ny beställning

Accountor Training Sweden have ordered additionally 12 new webinars from me, regarding various aspects on accounting and taxation for Real Estates (non-residential premises). This new order increases the total of webinars for Accountor Training to 25 events 2017! The webinars will be held in Swedish. Video introductions of the 12 new webinars are recorded at […]

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Video Intros Recorded for Accountor Training / Intro videos inspelade

Today I recorded 13 video introductions at Accountor Training’s studio in Stockholm. Their professional and friendly staff took really good care of me, so I look forward to future visits! In these videos I describe the content of each of the 13 webinars I’ve prepared for Accountor Training (the topics are listed in my Newsletter […]

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Webinar EU Data Protection GDPR / Dataskyddsförordningen

“General Data Protection Regulation GDPR” is the topic of today’s delivery to Accountor Training, for use in my new webinar number 13 of 13 for them (text in Swedish follows further below). Content In this webinar I describe the new EU-regulation which will be in force as law in all the EU member states from […]

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