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New Section “Today” / Ny avdelning “Idag”

The blog’s launching the new section “Today” (text in Swedish follows further below), under “About” in the menu. Here’s brief daily news about personal but professional events, which might be of interest but doesn’t need a full blog post. Lectures, new assignments, contacts and more. Enjoy your reading, please! In Swedish Bloggen lanserar den nya
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Technical Updates – and the Comments are Back!

Several enhancements has been made to the blog. Platform: The entire blog is moved from the to the platform Now I can develop the blog more freely The previous sub domain is no longer needed, my new address is simply SSL: The blog is secured by a SSL-certificate When you enter
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Comments to a Halt

Update June 9, 2017: Technical Update – and the Comments are Back! I have closed the possibility to comment on my posts, effective from yesterday. The reason is a huge amount of spam which I so far have removed manually so it never reached you, dear reader. The amount of spam messages have increased heavily
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